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Quentin's Weeknotes 10/13/18-10/19/18

This Week

  • I became somewhat obsessed with this moody, swirling piece of dark British neo-soul music. Digital Kids by Vicktor Taiwo (Feat. Solomon). I first heard it on the Netflix show Dear White People, which my wife and I have been binge-ing when we have any spare time for such things.
  • The students in MUST250: Collectors and Collecting (the course I'm team-teaching this semester at Hartwick) started their last project, a Collection Analysis assignment. This is a project where they have to describe a collection of objects, usually by interviewing the collector, and analyze it for its social and symbolic role. We've cribbed and modified our version of this assignment from the one used by Professor Paul Mullins, who teaches it in his Modern Material Culture class at IUPUI.
  • My parents came to visit. They live in Iowa (where they run a great antique shop in the heart of the Czech heritage area) and drove out to visit us. It's been great having them here, and I wish they could stay longer, or be closer.

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