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Quentin's Weeknotes 8/11/18- 8/17/18

This week:

  • I finished reading Mike Davis's newest collection "Old Gods, New Enigma's: Marx's lost theory". Davis is a wonderfully readable radical historian of labor, urbanism, and ecology (or in the case of "City of Quartz" his astonishing history of Los Angeles, all three) and he brings to bear his vast knowledge on his first published commentary on Marx. It's worth the price of admission alone for his incredibly funny introduction in which he lays out all the times he's tried to read Marx and failed. There are four essays, all of which are insightful in different ways, but what's stuck with me the most is his quote from the last essay on global warming and urbanism:

the cornerstone of the low-carbon city, far more than any particular green design or technology, is the priority given to public affluence over private wealth.

P.S. Mike Davis wrote one of the most interesting and readable accounts of the 2016 election that I ran across as I was trying to make sense of the chaos and irrationalism around me.

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