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Quentin's Weeknotes 5/11/19-5/17/19

This Week:

  • I finished watching Under the Skin, also known as the Scarlet Johansen alien movie. It was weird and sort of poetic, but also with not much beyond what's on the surface (ironic, given the title). 

    via GIPHY

  • I finished teaching my Collections Management class. This semester, my students did projects where they created a concordance between old and new numbering systems, researched the provenance of some mysterious prints, and prepared a selection of objects to go on exhibit, respectively. Along the way we learned about basic artifact handling, dipped our toes into Museum database management, washed and waxed a piece of outdoor sculpture, and watched a clip from an important piece of Museum film scholarship.
  • I celebrated my son's sixth birthday. Six was a good year for me, filled with new friends, new things to learn, and new experiences, and I hope it will be for him too.

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