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When Elvis Died Podcast #2: In a metal mood Proto-podcast

In keeping with the manifesto laid out by Dan Patterson, I have made my second When Elvis Died Podcast into a proto-podcast.  I know that Proto-podcasting is supposed to be about getting back to the roots, and since I just started, I don't really have any roots to get back to.  If this is a serious concern for you, please head down the rabbit hole to find the authenticity you're looking for. 


Download Audio:  When Elvis Died Episode 2

Show Notes:

Cannibal Corpse:  "Hammer Smashed Face" from the album "Live Cannibalism" on Metal Blade Records

At the Gates:  "Slaughter of the Soul" from the album "Slaughter of the Soul" on Earache Records

Isis:  "Backlit" from the album "Panopticon" on Ipecac Recordings


When Elvis Died Podcast #2

Reader Comments (1)

listening right now. Not my first Cannibal Corpse experience, but probably the first one I had willingly.

I do love speed metal though, as punk rock as I am... :)

Good work Quentin.


September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSupernova Doc

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